Celebrate National Boysenberry Day 2019 at Knott’s Berry Farm

This Wednesday April 3rd marks National Boysenberry Day! Knott’s Berry Farm will be celebrating this day to commemorate the berry that started it all, the boysenberry. The hybrid berry is a mix of raspberry, blackberry, and loganberry. Walter and Cordelia Knott were the first to successfully harvest the boysenberry in 1932.

The popularity of this berry and it’s products led to the beginning of Knott’s Berry Farm, the park we all know and love today. Thanks to the historic boysenberry Knott’s brings in tons of visitors to it’s park every year.

On April 3rd, the park is inviting guests to dress in their best boysenberry themed outfits dressing stylish by wearing bow ties, gloves, suits, or skirts. There will be a fashion show at 4PM on the Calico Stage that guests can choose to participate in and show off their berry outfits.

Guests in their Boysenberry Themed Outfits (All pictures provided by @Atomic_Redhead)

All guests who attend Knott’s Berry Farm on April 3rd will receive a commemorative National Boysenberry Day pin to mark the special occasion. Tickets can be purchased at Knotts.com or at the front gate of the park (This is not a separate ticketed event). Make sure to use the hashtag #NationalBoysenberryDay to show off your fun on social media!

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