Universal Studios to Offer Tiki Inspired Drinks and Costa Rican Cuisine for Jurassic World the Ride

The stand alone open air Isla Nu-Bar will be serving tropical themed cocktails in three different souvenir cups, Etched Tiki, Bamboo Styled Tiki, and Tiki God. Every drink will come with a pineapple leaf and a edible orchid flower. The beverages that the bar has to offer are the tropical margarita, pina colada and painkiller, as well as for the cocktails they offer tiki tai, bird of paradise, ti peach, rum rummer and mai tai.

The name for the bar comes straight from the hit Jurassic World movies on the fictitious Central American island. Isla Nu-Bar is located right outside of the entrance to the highly anticipated mega attraction Jurassic World the Ride opening this Summer.

Executive Chef Marie Grimm will be at the helm of Jurassic Cafe which will cater to a selection of Costa Rican Cuisines. The delicious cuisines that guests will be able to enjoy include sweet corn cakes with slow roasted mojo pork or spicy mojo jackfruit, citrus glazed chicken, fresh roasted red snapper and isla burger. There will also be starters that guests can purchase.

Mouth watering starters will include savory chorizo and potato empanadas, crispy lettuce leaf roll with shrimp, tropical fruit salad and pomegranate guacamole with plantain chips. The best part about the dishes is they will all come with fresh green papaya salad and gallo pinto which is traditional rice and beans from Costa Rica.

For fans who want to leave Universal Studios with some Jurassic World exclusive merchandise, Jurassic Outfitters has it all! Pick up some collectible shirts, hats, pins, and drink ware to commemorate the opening of Jurassic World the Ride. The themed store will offer keepsake merchandise for every member in the family and have items that can only be purchased at Universal Studios Hollywood.

The store will also feature various custom made dinosaur sculptures for purchase. These pieces replicate the T-Rex, Velociraptors, Dilophosaurus, Styracosaurus, Patchycephalosaurus and Triceraptops. These different pieces will range anywhere up to $1,000 but are definitely worth the price for the high end collectible sculptures.

One of the coolest souvenirs that guest can take from Jurassic World the Ride is a slo mo video that is captured on ride as they plummet down the tremendous 84-foot drop after experiencing the battle between the T-Rex and one of the rides newest creatures. The video will be available for purchase digitally to share on social media and is located as soon as guests disembark after their journey to Jurassic World.

Guests can experience heart pounding action when the all new mega attraction ‘Jurassic World the Ride’ opens this Summer. This technologically advanced ride based on the hit Jurassic World films will send riders on a thrilling adventure with surprises all along their adventure. The ride will use visual effects to bring the massive ‘Mosasaurus’ to life in one of the first show scenes.

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