Midsummer Scream to Host Re-Imagined LA Haunted Hayride Panel Under New Ownership

The Los Angeles Haunted Hayride is one of the many haunted attractions that you can experience during the Halloween season in Southern California. Although this year the hayride will be a little bit different. Under the new mind of creative director Jon Cooke and new ownership of the event, the LA Haunted Hayride will be re-imagined. And what better place to reveal all the details then the wildly popular Summer horror convention Midsummer Scream!

Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group recently acquired ownership of the LA Haunted Hayride last year from Ten Thirty One Productions. Guests visiting the hayride this year will be experiencing a completely different experience then years prior with the wickedly talented Jon Cooke behind it. The full experience will all be revealed during the presentation at the Long Beach Convention Center during Midsummer Scream. The lane will take place on August 4th which is the second day of the convention and will feature Chris Stafford, Warren Conard, Melissa Carbone, Ted Dougherty, and Jon Cooke. The Hayride will also have a huge part of the conventions show floor where fans can get a look of what to expect from the town of Midnight Falls.

Jon Cooke has turned many already great haunt attractions into even better ones with his ability to create experiences and details that no other haunt events have to offer in the Southern California area. Cooke has taken creative lead at both Knott’s Scary Farm and the Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor. We are very excited to see what he brings to the table for the Hayride and hear all about it at the Midsummer Scream presentation.

This panel only takes place at the Long Beach Convention Center on August 4th at one of the biggest horror conventions Midsummer Scream! To purchase ticket to Midsummer Scream 2019 please visit http://www.midsummerscream.org .

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