West Coast Racers Hard Hat Construction Update Tour at Six Flags Magic Mountain

We had the amazing opportunity to go behind the walls of the highly anticipated coaster West Coast Racers at Six Flags Magic Mountain and check out the current construction progress of the attraction and the general area between the all new Chicken Coop and Taco Restaurant there will be plenty of things for guests to enjoy when the area opens to the public. There is much going on around the area and the ride is very well underway and construction workers are hard at work getting the coaster finished as quickly and safely as possible. We have tons of great photos to share with you all so let’s dive right in and have a look at West Coast Racers.

As we enter in from the ‘Dive Devil’ side of the new Cyclone Bay area, park president Neal Thurman states that there will be sort of an entry portal that will more transition guests better into the newly themed area. Walking right underneath the track we can also see this where the trains will cross each other on one part of the coaster going right over the go kart track which is currently being worked on to fit in the area and will be re opened once West Coast Racers opens back up.

The station has yet to be built up quite yet but will be off to the left hand side of this photo and is expected to start going up more within the next couple weeks or so. Neal described the station as two levels with the first level being themed with windows to peak in sort of like garage doors to fit the West Coast Customs shop in Burbank theme and then guests will head up a spiral staircase and across a bridge where they will board the attraction all inspired by the shop tour over at West Coast Customs. The two trains will then pull out of the station and launch off to begin the race both turning into the first high five element of the coaster.

After making a right turn into a dive near the Apocalypse wooden coaster the trains will come into the second launch section where the coaster will launch guests into a corkscrew and down into what Six Flags is calling the spaghetti bowl on the attraction. This launch area is the second of four launches on this quadruple launch coaster.

Here we can see that jungle of track and supports that we were talking about it almost looks like a dome the way that the supports are currently set up. All this shows how complex of a coaster West Coast Racers is. This general structure in particular was created in China and was actually built up in one of their shops as you see it now and then was taken back apart, put on a truck, and then shipped all the way here to Valencia. Thurman also stated that Italy worked on the track and supports as well.

Once the two trains come out of the spaghetti bowl they will twist and turn right back into the station while one of them pulls forward for it’s second lap around the track racing a different train and the other pulls into the station for new riders to board and prepare for their first lap around the track. Six Flags is working on different designs as far as the loose articles procedures go for the attraction while guests are enjoying the coaster.

The pavement of the area will be painted to look like a street with the colors of white, black, and yellow and there will be new planters placed throughout the area. There is also a space that Six Flags will be able to change out for different events throughout the year. The Fright Fest maze that is usually in this area will also be accessible this year although it is not known if the actual attraction will be open for the Fright Fest season yet. They did not give us an opening date because even Six Flags themselves don’t quite know when it will be open but they did confirm that it will be opening by the end of the year and won’t get pushed back til 2020 as fans were worried about. Apocalypse will also keep the same theme but has been completely re tracked.

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