Creepshow is Coming to Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood 2019

During the annual Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood panel that takes place at Midsummer Scream, Creative Director John Murdy announced that Creepshow would be coming to life at this years Halloween Horror Nights event based on both the 1982 cult classic and the brand new Creepshow series that will be released on the streaming service ‘Shudder’ this September. Executive Producer of the brand new Creepshow series Greg Nicotero is no stranger to Horror Nights as he has partnered with Universal Studios with the various Walking Dead mazes throughout the years. Murdy broke down the full maze experience during the panel presentation so let’s dive right into all of the details of the massive maze.

The Facade and Prologue: Gained from the inspiration of it’s comic book theme the facade of the maze will be a large comic book cover and to add even more theming as guests enter the maze they will see different advertisements that you would see in a classic comic book on walls on each side. The location of the maze will actually be down in the Metro set area where the Horrors of Blumhouse maze was last year. The goal with the maze is to really immerse guests as if they were walking in the actual pages of a Creepshow comic book.

Episode 1 Father’s Day: After venturing through the prologue guests will be transported into the first tale which comes from the original movie. ‘Father’s Day’ is the story of of how Nathan Grantham was murdered by his suffering daughter. On this years Father’s Day however a maggot infested Nathan rises from his grave to take revenge on his inheritors and claim his long wanted Father’s Day cake. Guests will see scenes like the Grantham house and the dark cemetery outside of the house. To capture the comic book feel, vibrant lighting will play a big role in jump scares just as they were seen in the original film.

Episode 2 The Crate: The next tale that we are immersed in is the tale of ‘The Crate’. When a janitor is working late at night at a college he discovers a forgotten shipping crate that contains a terrifying beast that has been hibernating for over 100 years under a staircase. John Murdy and his team have come up with clever ways to pull off the creature who is named ‘Fluffy’. The creature will be played by a live scare actor whose lower half will be in the crate that we see in the film and the upper half will be outside of the crate in full costume scaring guests as they make their way through scenes such as the classroom that we see in the movie.

Episode 3 They’re Creeping up on you: Perhaps one of the more graphic tales that fans will venture into is the story of billionaire Upson Pratt who lives in a completely germ free penthouse due to his germ fobia, although he has a minor bug problem when the city cuts the power that minor problem turns into a deadly problem as the roaches seek revenge on Mr. Pratt. To pull off the effect of the bugs all over the penthouse, projection mapping will be matched with live actors and different props. Murdy has described these specific scenes to be much more brighter and modern then is usually seen in Halloween Horror Nights Mazes.

Episode 4 Grey Matter: This tale comes from the brand new Shudder series and is story of how an alcoholic former factory worker ingests a strange mutagen while drinking a cheap beer. An alien fungus has now taken over both his body and his rundown apartment. There will be scenes where we can see the kitchen and bathroom of his apartment that have been taken over by this alien fungus and even though we have not yet seen this episode as none of us have, it seems quite similar to the second tale of the original movie ‘The Lonesome Death of Jordy Veill’.

Episode 5 Bad Wolf Down and Epilogue: In Bad Wolf Down we will see World War II troops in prison cells as they have been captured by German soldiers. Little do these soldiers know, the American troops are all werewolves and the night is a full moon. After exiting Episode 5 as there is a prologue there will also be an epilogue where we will see the creep for one last scare before exiting this maze. The mask sculpt for the creep looks stunning and terrifying at the same time.

The full maze will be extremely huge and is currently at the top of our anticipation list for the Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood mazes that have been announced already. The Creepshow TV series will premiere on the streaming service Shudder on September 26th, 2019.

With the already announced Stranger Things, Holidayz in Hell, Frankenstein meets the Wolfman, Ghostbusters, Killer Klowns from Outer Space, and Creepshow there are still 3 more mazes to be announced making their a total of 9 mazes (not including the Walking Dead Attraction) which is two more then last years event. If you you are interested in visiting Halloween Horror Nights 2019 visit .

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