LEGOLAND California Elects James Carlin as the First Official Mayor of Miniland

LEGOLAND California Resort has named a young Encinitas boy James Carlin as the first ever official mayor of Miniland. What was just a social media campaign by James and his family, turned into so much more has he was surprised one day by a LEGOLAND Knight and the character ‘Buddy’ who knocked on his door one day to share the exciting news with him. The social media campaign was all about why James thought he deserved this glorious position at Miniland U.S.A.

During his first official day as the mayor, little James started off the morning with General Manager Peter Ronchetti as the GM presented James with the key to Miniland U.S.A. , the key of course was fully made with LEGO pieces. Carlin then officially opened the LEGOLAND theme park that morning as he greeted guests and took photos with huge LEGO fans like himself. After, he headed to the model shop where he met a Master Model Builder and learned how to make his very own LEGO mini figure that resembled which then was placed in the Grand Central Terminal in Miniland New York City.

James also made his very first proclamation as Mayor before his day came to an end. As kids all around the area get ready to go back to school like Carlin himself, he worked together with LEGOLAND to create a special offer for all San Diegans which gives them ticket options for $49.99 for one day or $28.99 a day for two days of bricktastic fun at both the SEA LIFE aquarium and the LEGOLAND park. For more details about this amazing deal guests can visit . James and his family all received annual passes to the park and a free one night stay to one of the resort’s amazing hotels located right outside the gates.

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