The LEGO Movie World Coming to LEGOLAND California Resort in Spring 2020

This morning it was announced by LEGOLAND California General Manager Peter Ronchetti, that the LEGO Movie World would be coming to the LEGOLAND California Resort in Spring of 2020. This all new immersive land will take guests from the big screen of the movie theater and into the world of the LEGO Movie itself. The two acre land is the biggest addition in LEGOLAND California’s history of the theme park.

The wildly popular LEGO film series first was introduced into the theme park over at the Florida park where the LEGO Movie World opened back in March of this year. The opening was a huge success and it was no surprise when rumors started to pop up that the beloved world would make it’s way to the west coast. The interactive world will be a tad bit smaller than the one in Florida as it will not incorporate the Battle of Bricksburg water ride. However the world will feature both the Master’s of Flight attraction and Unikitty’s Disco Drop attraction.

Master’s of Flight will send guests on an adventure into a full dome virtual screen giving the feeling of flying above Middle Zealand, Cloud Cuckoo Land, Pirates Cove and Outer Space which are settings that fans witness in the LEGO Movie Films. While suspended above sitting upon Emmet’s Triple Decker Couch, guests will experience this cutting edge technology with an 180 degree turn during the attraction experience. This particular ride is similar to the Soarin’ attractions located at the different Disney parks.

The second ride that guests will be able to experience in the LEGO Movie World is Unikitty’s Disco Drop, which is a 35 foot tall drop tower for the smaller LEGO Movie fans that drops guests from the top of the tower and bounces them up and down while the tower itself is spinning in circles slowly. A difference between the California version and the Florida version is this version will feature two Disco Drop towers where as the Florida version only features one tower. This will help a lot with crowd control due to the fact of their not being the Battle of Bricksburg attraction.

The LEGO Movie World will also feature Emmet’s Super Suite where fans can meet some of their favorite characters from the films. The stir fry restaurant that is placed in the location where the world is being built, will stay featured in the themed land and their will also be a coffee shop with a retail shop where guests can purchase all their themed LEGO Movie merchandise. The two acre land is currently being constructed in the bottom left part of the park right across from the Fairy Tale Brook ride and Mia’s Riding Camp.

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