The Curse of Pandora’s Box Announced for Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood 2019

Today it was announced that The Curse of Pandora’s Box a brand new original maze would be coming to Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood 2019. With this announcement Universal Studios has completed the full lineup of mazes this year for Horror Nights. The maze is heavily based all around Greek Mythology and an ancient goddess Pandora. With Holidayz in Hell announced back at the Monsterpalooza convention, Pandora’s Box will be the second original maze at this years event.

Guests can find this maze being constructed in the new location of the tram garage adjacent from Jordan Peele’s ‘US’ maze. As guests are greeted with the vintage storefront of ‘Pandora’s Cabinet of Curiosities’, they venture into the store where they encounter some of the most ancient artifacts known to man. At the end of the store they will finally come to a mysterious box filled with human bones. While approaching the box closer a seductive female voice repeats “Anything can be acquired anything your heart desires” persuading guests to venture into the mysterious box known as Pandora’s Box.

After entering through the box fans will explore the netherworld of Hades and encounter Pandora herself as she terrifies all those who enter. John Murdy stated earlier on Twitter that the experience will feature tons of UV lighting effects, more then the majority of the mazes brought to HHN. The UV effects however will not be bright and designed for a 3D effect, instead the maze will use a lot darker UV lighting package. Murdy also confirmed that we would be transported into the Underworld while going through the maze.

With the already announced Stranger Things, Holidayz in Hell, Frankenstein meets the Wolfman, Ghostbusters, and Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Creepshow, Us, House of 1000 Corpses, and The Curse of Pandora’s Box there is a total of 9 mazes (not including the Walking Dead Attraction) which is two more then last years event. If you you are interested in visiting Halloween Horror Nights 2019 visit .

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