Two Brand New Mazes Announced for Knott’s Scary Farm 2019: Wax Works & Origins: The Curse of Calico

Tonight at the annual Knott’s Scary Farm announcement event, it was announced that both ‘Wax Works’ and ‘Origins: The Curse of Calico’ would be coming as brand new mazes to this years Knott’s Scary Farm 2019 haunt event that takes place at the Knott’s Berry Farm theme park in Buena Park. Wax Works is currently being constructed where the former Trick or Treat: Lights Out maze was in 2018 in the backstage area of Knott’s. Origins is currently being constructed where the Red Barn maze was last year directly across from Special Ops, the interactive zombie shooting maze. We have all the details regarding these two brand new mazes so let’s dive right into them.

‘Wax Works’ explores the story of an abandoned wax museum where strange noises have started to emerge from the building. Dr. Augusts Scratch who was a former plastic surgeon has been seen around the abandoned museum looking to show off his terrifying new figures covered in hot molten wax and bloody flesh. Screams are heard as guests walk through the maze pointing to scorching hot cauldrons that different victims are being submerged in and turned into Dr. Scratch’s newest wax figures. Escape his horrifying museum or become one of his newest masterpieces in one of Scary Farm’s newest mazes ‘Wax Works’. This maze is done by Daniel Miller and has a very dark story behind it as we have seen with some of his other mazes such as ‘Pumpkin Eater’.

‘Origins: The Curse of Calico’ has a special meaning in most long time Scary Farm fans hearts but not in the way most would expect. As the evil fog rolls into Ghost Town Streets Sarah Marshall is on trial for her suspected crime of practicing witchcraft. The town is plagues with paranormal activity as Sarah transforms into the Green Witch cursing all of those who accused her of her crimes, turning them into terrifying monsters as a horde of creatures who have an eternal quench for living. Explore the horrors of Calico in this brand new maze designed by Jon Cooke who has put together already existing Scary Farm mazes that have all been fan favorites each year including ‘Dark Ride’ and ‘Paranormal Inc.’.

Scary Farm will also introduced a brand new show presented by Brian Henson titled ‘Puppet Up- Uncensored’. The show will explore different forms of raunchy comedy with puppets and the crowds interaction. This will be located in the theater right across the Boardwalk arcade and will replace the kid friendly improv show from last year’s event ‘Hacks’. Scary Farm is also bringing back many returning mazes including, Shadow Lands, Special Ops, The Depths, Dark Entities, Dark Ride, Pumpkin Eater, and Paranormal Inc. Tickets and Season Passes are currently on sale and can be purchased on! Knott’s Scary Farm has tons of horrific fun to offer this year as the fog rolls in so get your tickets today before they sell out!

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