Details Released for Halloween Horror Nights 2019 “80’s Throwback Thursday” Nights

Earlier in the season before Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood 2019 kicked off, it was announced that Universal would be bringing “80’s Throwback Thursday’s” to every Thursday night of Halloween Horror Nights. Most fans were confused on what exactly this night would be all about as Universal described it as an 80’s themed night with a live DJ and guests being invited to dress up in 80’s themed attire. Although today Universal has released a few more details regarding these themed nights that take place every Thursday at Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood.

There will be a live DJ hosting a dance party but with a little bit of a twist as zany ‘Beetlejuice’ himself will be hosting a 80’s themed dance party throughout the night. This fits perfectly with the theme of Halloween Horror Nights due to the horror aspect of the Beetlejuice character. The dance party will be located in the lower lot where there is already a concert stage set up right in front of the brand new mega attraction ‘Jurassic World the Ride’. There will also be a live tribute band playing throughout the night of “80’s Throwback Thursday’s”.

Perhaps one of the most exciting highlights of the themed nights is the not so friendly ‘Chucky’. Universal has described this experience as a ‘not so friendly welcome’ , which gives fans excitement as for a couple years at Halloween Horror Nights Chucky himself would come out throughout the night to host his show ‘Chucky’s Insult Emporium’ where he would insult the guests who brave to watch his show. This show or something could very well be what the ‘not so friendly welcome’ is but nothing is confirmed yet, however what is confirmed is the fact that guests will be able to see Chucky himself during the event. “80’s Throwback Thursday’s” will kickoff tomorrow September 19th and run every single Thursday night until Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood 2019 ends on November 3rd.

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