San Diego Offers 3 Big Haunt Events for Horror Fanatics in the Area: Haunted Hotel, Haunted Trail, and Scream Zone

There’s plenty to do in San Diego this season for those who wish to be scared but still have a fun time while doing so, The Haunted Trail located in Balboa Park, Disturbance created by the Haunted Hotel in Mission Valley, and the Scream Zone in Del Mar. All 3 of these haunts bring the terror each and every year with their detailed experiences. Each one has something unique to them in their own terrifying ways. We had the opportunity to check the events out last year and will be doing so again this year so let’s talk about everything that each haunt has to offer for the 2019 season.

The Haunted Trail: Located at Balboa Park this is hands down the longest experience out of the three. The full trail is about a 20-25 minute experience of pure terror. Before venturing into the trail, guests will enter into the Experiment maze where they will have to find their way out in order to make it to the entrance of the trail. The Haunted Trail in it’s entirety is 1 mile long and has many different themes throughout the full experience. One of the coolest themed scenes that we have seen in years prior was based off the hit horror film ‘IT’ where we travel into a bus and walk down it with scare actors jumping out from left and right. The Haunted Trail at Balboa Park kicks off thus Friday on September 25th and runs until November 2nd. Ticket prices begin at $24.99 and can be purchased by clicking here.

Disturbance created by The Haunted Hotel: After 28 long years in the Gaslamp Quarter of Downtown San Diego, The Haunted Hotel has now relocated to Mission Valley. Instead of one haunt the Disturbance will feature three different haunts in it’s new location, The Haunted Hotel, Kill-billy Chaos, and 3-D Freak Fest. No more stress of parking downtown because there is plenty of free parking on site. In the Haunted Hotel have been disturbed due to their re-location. Experience these upset souls within the bowels of the Hotel basement and hellevator. In the backwood caverns of the Ozarks Hill-billy’s have transformed into Kill-billy’s and seek to wreak havoc on all those who brave to enter ‘Kill-billy Chaos’. Lastly, as you travel through the vibrant hallways and sets of 3-D Freak Fest, there will be clowns and freaks alike hiding in every corner looking to turn guests into freaks themselves. Disturbance begins on Friday, October 4th and also runs until November 2nd. Tickets can be purchased by clicking here.

The Scream Zone: Returning to the Del Mar Fairgrounds this year is the popular ‘Scream Zone’. With three different attractions including the unique Haunted Hayride that takes guests on a trip through different scenes on a hayride as monsters come out and frighten them. The House of Horrors is a huge maze where guests will venture into a ghostly mansion and be frightened by different monsters along the way. In the Chamber maze, follow the bloody brick road through the tunnel tornado and the fortune teller’s trailer. This newly themed maze is sure to give you frights. The Scream Zone runs now until November 2nd at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. There are multiple different ticket options that can be viewed by clicking here. There are plenty of food options at the event site as well.

San Diego has plenty of offerings for the haunt season this year so make sure to get your tickets to all 3 of these amazing events today! If you wanna keep up to date with more updates about The Haunted Hotel, The Haunted Trail, and The Scream Zone make sure to follow us on social media and our YouTube channel @socalexploringmedia/ To be notified about all of our new blogs and posts click the follow button in the bottom right hand corner of the page and enter your email! San Diego has plenty of offerings for the haunt season this year so make sure to get your tickets to all 3 of these amazing events today!

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