[REVIEW] Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor 2019 Kicks off with a Bang in Long Beach

This past Thursday night the Queen Mary kicked off its annual Halloween time event “Dark Harbor”. 2019 marking it’s 10th year anniversary it sure opened up with a bang. Dark Harbor features six different maze experiences with three of them being on the haunted ship itself. The brand new maze ‘Rogue’ was definitely a hit and delivered both set wise and scare wise. One of the unique things that Dark Harbor creative does is they tend to keep all of their returning mazes fresh with minor and major changes. This was one of our favorite haunts of this year and there’s so much stuff to talk about regarding the event so let’s dive into it.

The brand new ‘Rogue’ maze which replaced the maze ‘Deadrise’ last year was a big success. The new dome building that they constructed for the maze works perfectly in the aspect that guests are venturing through a ship that is crashing. This allows there to be plenty of different effects that would not be possible in an outdoor maze such as a scene where we see the captain of the ship trying to steer the ship out of the way of the projected waves that we see through the windows. Other elements that are used throughout the maze are various different water effects and something that we have never seen at any other haunt which is a scene full of soap all over the place. This is one of these elements that makes ‘Rogue’ unique compared to other maze experiences.

Another maze that really stood out to us this year was ‘Circus’ which has been a maze that we have seen for multiple years this year, but for 2019 the maze was one of our favorites. As we typically see in this maze their is a ball pit, mirror maze, and various fun house effects throughout the maze. This year it seemed as if the ball pit was even longer then last year’s event, this is something you would never see at any other haunt event. The Queen Mary is not afraid to use different funhouse elements as it adds to the theme of ‘Circus’ and it’s energetic scare actors always add to the fun of this maze.

All 3 of the mazes that are located on the actual ship have changed. With ‘Feast’ taking you right into a bar at the end of the maze and ‘Lullaby’ being backwards this year it makes for a completely new experience going through all of the ship mazes. That is what we love most about Dark Harbor is the fact that we still get to see some of our favorite returning mazes each and every year but we never know what to expect on opening night as the mazes always seem to have a new twist to them. The three mazes that are located on the ship are ‘Feast’ which features the monster Chef, ‘Lullaby’ which features Scary Mary, and ‘B340’ where guests can find Samuel the Savage and all of the trouble that he causes.

The full atmosphere is something that guests can’t get anywhere else. With it’s dark carnival feel there are plenty of food options for those looking to grab a bite before being terrified in one of Dark Harbor’s mazes. Other attractions and entertainment that guests can enjoy are swings, a 4-D experience, acrobats, fire dancing, and of course who could forgot the Queen Mary Sliders who put on a show each an every night demonstrating the skills and tricks that they posses sliding across the floor using their hands and knees. For those looking to spice up their night a little more, there are plenty of bars located at Dark Harbor with some even being secretly placed in the different mazes.

The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor runs until November 2nd this year and offers many different ticket options. To view all the different options and gain more information on the event click here. Dark Harbor 2019 is such a hit this year so get on out to the Queen Mary in Long Beach and be spooked bu many goblins and ghouls at Dark Harbor 2019.

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