Is it the Best Idea for Six Flags to Acquire Cedar Fair? Pros and Cons of the Potential Deal

Recently Six Flags parks has shown great interest in making a stock deal with Cedar Fair Entertainment Group. Merging both [FUN] and [SIX] means Six Flags would acquire all Cedar Fair theme parks, but is this really the best move considering the two major different atmospheres between both companies beloved theme parks. Discussions have been debated tremendously online from theme park fans all over so let’s talk about the different pros and cons regarding this deal if it were to happen. Keep in mind all opinions expressed in this article are our opinions from both a media and theme park lover standpoint. We are also going to be mainly referencing Knott’s Berry Farm in this article compared to other Cedar Fair parks.

The Good: While both of these companies are great theme park companies it seems as if Cedar Fair theme parks lack a lot of intense so to speak, roller coasters. We have seen many big and thrilling roller coasters like Hangtime over at Knott’s Berry Farm or Railblazer at California’s Great America, but those attractions nearly compare to the massive attractions that are constructed each and every year at Six Flags parks around the world. If Six Flags were to acquire the Cedar Fair Entertainment Group that means we could be seeing a lot more larger scale roller coasters put into all the Cedar theme parks. Typically, Six Flags likes to have at least 1 new ride opened at each of it’s park locations every single year while as Cedar Fair tends to open attractions a little bit less. If this deal were to happen then theme park fans can count on this same trend with parks like Knott’s Berry Farm and always enjoy something fresh each time visiting the park. The Six Flags Membership options also include amazing perks and benefits that could transpire over to the Cedar parks drawing in more and more guests each and everyday by encouraging them to sign up for the Membership Program. In terms of attendance the different parks would also be able to cross promote each other’s theme parks bringing the company more money for them to expand or construct new theme park attractions/experiences.

The Bad: Both of the two different companies have VERY different atmospheres to both of their various theme parks. Cedar Fair tends to have more themed areas and a relaxing atmosphere to all of their parks, where as Six Flags lacks spots as far as detail wise goes as they are more focused on the attraction side of things. The biggest concern from theme park lover like myself is the scare of quality going downwards in favorite parks such as Knott’s Berry Farm or Cedar Point. Another thing that is also a huge concern is the future of the annual haunt events. Each and every year Knott’s puts on their annual Scary Farm event as a separately ticketed event where prices range from $40 -$80 making it more of an exclusive thing. This gives the park more money to put beautiful detail into their different mazes and scare zones. Where as Six Flags also has a haunt event but for Fright Fest guests don’t have to purchase a separate ticket to the event which draws in more of the younger crowd who aren’t mature enough to be at these type of events yelling at the scare actors and other actions as so. The detail at Fright Fest also lacks a little bit more because of the smaller budget that they have to put into their experiences omly charging $15 for the maze wristbands. Fans are worried about this because hands down Scary Farm and other Cedar haunts are some of the biggest in the nation, but will they be if these ‘exclusive’ events no longer become as exclusive as they are?

Overall, in my personal opinion I don’t believe that this deal would work out. As explained earlier, the two different companies are both very different in their respective theme parks so it just would not merge very well if they were to all fall under one company. However, if Six Flags did manage to acquire Cedar Fair Entertainment Group and not completely try and change the various theme parks then the deal could play out very well. Nothing is official yet, however this topic does need to spread around a lot as it may be super concerning to fans, guests, and even employees so make sure and share this article on all social media platforms.

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