Wild Arctic Simulator Ride to Take Final Flight at SeaWorld San Diego on January 10th, 2020 to Make Way for NEW Attraction in 2021

The beloved Wild Arctic Simulators are scheduled to close forever on January 10th, 2020 at SeaWorld San Diego. Back in 1997 the attraction opened up at the park and took guests on a breathtaking helicopter adventure through the icy landscapes of the Arctic Circle. The attraction is 20 years old and has seen it’s days of wear and tear. It most still seems as if the ride is stuck back in the 90’s, despite the popularity it had back then, it does not fit with the modern theme of SeaWorld’s current attractions and experiences.

SeaWorld San Diego has announced that during the removal of the simulators, the animal exhibits will be staying open for guests to enjoy. The simulators are set to be replaced with an all new attraction in 2021, although we don’t know exactly what it will be yet, there have many rumors regarding a family launch coaster that will not be over 30 feet tall.

This would not be a surprise at all to fans of the park as in the past 3 years SeaWorld San Diego has progressively been planning and opening up new coasters for guests to enjoy. Electric Eel opened back in 2018, Tidal Twister opened earlier this year, and Emperor the all new dive coaster is scheduled to open in 2020. This goes to show that SeaWorld looks to be opening new coasters each year, and if this trend continues then the RUMORED family launch coaster could very well be true.

With the closure of the simulator based attraction it was rumored that he animal exhibits would be getting revamped as well. Unfortunately, SeaWorld has not said anything regarding a revamp of the actual exhibits but that decision could very easily change as time goes by. It would be nice to see the animals in a new updated enclosure to better fit with the theme of the ride. SeaWorld has not said much about what’s to come in replacement other then the ride will keep the Wild Arctic theme.

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