Disney Attraction Monthly Themed Merchandise Collection Coming in 2020 Kicking Off with the Space Mountain Collection

Disney kicked off a bang with announcing a brand new merchandise line that will release monthly. These all new collections will be themed to 12 different Walt Disney World and Disneyland rides and attractions. This all apart of the all new Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction merchandise series to celebrate the happiest fashion icon in Disney, Minnie Mouse herself.

There will be a new collection available at Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and shopDisney.com on the third Saturday of every month in 2020. Disney has released a complete calendar for each attraction that will be featured for every month of the year. The lineup includes attractions such as Jungle Cruise, Big Thunder Mountain, the Enchanted Tiki Room, Dumbo, and many more!

On January 18th, fans will be able to purchase from the Space Mountain collection at the Disney parks and on shopDisney.com. The collection’s include merchandise items such as headbands, pin sets, mugs, Minnie Mouse plush, and various different items themed to the individual months ride or attraction. Do keep in mind that these are limited collections so every month that they release you’re going to want to purchase your favorite items while you still can.

The different themes are sure to be a hit at all the parks and we think that the different ride themes are going to fit so good with the monthly collections. Some collections such as the Big Thunder Mountain theme and the Peter Pan’s Flight theme are quite intriguing to us on how they will be pulled off in these merchandise lines, but we are sure they will come out amazing and can’t wait for them to debut.

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