Lunar New Year 2020 Kicks Off at Universal Studios Hollywood with Mr. Ping and all his Kung Fu Panda Friends

Universal Studios Hollywood has officially kicked off their celebration for the year of the rat at their Lunar New Year Celebration, and we were invited out to check out all the fun! The Lunar New Year festivities all take place inside and around the Universal Plaza at the very top of the park. Between the tons of interactive character meet and greets and all the food offerings that guests can enjoy, there is plenty to see and do while visiting Universal Studios Hollywood for their Lunar New Year event running now until February 9th.

One of the coolest experiences at the event is Mr. Ping’s Noodle Shop. Here you can meet Mr. Ping himself, father of the Dragon Warrior ‘Po’ from the hit movie series ‘Kung Fu Panda’. The lovable duck who runs his noodle shop with pride is able to talk and interact with guests, the experience is surely something that guests won’t forget when they leave the theme park. We had the chance to meet Mr. Ping and ask him all about the fun that he is having during the Lunar New Year festivities, we even asked him if he ever gives his son Po some free noodles, but Mr. Ping says that nobody gets free noodles with the slight exception of Master Shifu and Oogway.

Not only can you meet Mr. Ping but you can also taste some of his delicious food offerings at his noodle shop. Guests can purchase from a very tasty menu including the Secret Ingredient Noodle Soup for $10.99, Beef Pho for $11.99, Pork Ramen for $11.99, Glass Noodle Salad for $11.49, Po’s Dumplings for $7.99, Oogway Eggroll for $4.49, Asian Sausage on a Stick for $7.99, Sesame Balls for $8.49 and Cherry Cheesecake for $5.99. We were able to try out the Asian Sausage, Sesame Balls, and Cherry Cheesecake, our favorite out of the three was the Cherry Cheesecake, it’s a perfect sweet treat however the Sesame Balls were not our type but were just as sweet. All the different food options offered plenty for their price point making Mr. Ping’s Noodle Shop the perfect place to eat if you enjoy Ramen and more!

All around the Universal Plaza are stunning Cherry Blossom Wishing Trees where guests can write their New Year’s Wish on a red card and then hang it on the beautiful trees. All around the trees are small little stands with pens and the many of the cards for guests to write on.

For those who have an artistic side to them or even want to learn how to draw, Universal offers a demonstration throughout the day teaching guests how to draw the Dragon Warrior himself ‘Po’. We did not participate in this but from what we saw it sure did look like a lot of fun and was suitable for all ages! The whole plaza is decked out in lanterns and various different Lunar New Year decorations scattered all over. There are plenty of photo opportunities that will make for a more memorable experience while at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Of course who could forget about all the characters that guests can grab pictures with as well. On the inside of the plaza guests can meet friends from the Kung Fu Panda series like ‘Po’ and ‘Tigress’ with a beautiful backdrop. Across from the Universal Plaza at their own themed backdrop, meet the lovable minions decked out in traditional Lunar New Year attire as well as Hello Kitty in a elegant Lunar dress meeting guests right outside of the Hello Kitty Store! We were able to meet and take pictures with these characters and it’s always fun to see them in their different attire due to the fact that guests are only to meet them exclusively during the Lunar New Year event each year.

Overall, Lunar New Year 2020 at Universal Studios Hollywood is an extremely fun event and there is plenty to see and do to celebrate the year of the rat! It is our favorite out of all the theme parks in Southern California that host events themed to Lunar New Year. The celebration runs from January 23rd – February 9th and guests can purchase both tickets and annual passes by visiting the park’s website !

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