Emperor Dive Coaster Construction Update at SeaWorld San Diego 1.26.20 | Station Exit Ramp & FULL Track Almost Completely Installed

Over the past recent months we have been following SeaWorld San Diego’s brand new dive coaster opening later this year ‘Emperor’. It has been a couple weeks since we last went out to the park to check out the current state of the coaster and there is tons to see. When Emperor opens up later this year it will be the tallest, fastest, and longest dive coaster in California. With a 90 degree vertical drop from 153 feet in the air! The ride vehicles will hold 18 riders each with three rows of 6 guests. The ride will take guests through multiple inversions, barrel rolls, and a hammerhead turn. Emperor is located directly across the Journey to Atlantis water coaster.

In the past couple months we have seen the exit ramp for the station starting to take shape, but now we can actually see visible wood planks for the ramp starting to be placed. This wooden planks are also seen being placed around the bottom of the control booth. There is nothing quite new yet regarding the rest of the station except for the two silver gates as seen in the picture below. We expect to see the station being fully worked on as soon as the full track is all complete.

The mysterious building behind the station has also had some progress done with it. The complete building has been painted blue to match with the colors of the coaster. Although we still don’t know what this building is yet, our speculation is either a gift shop for the ride or the building where guests can view their on ride photos. The building could also very well be apart of some type of indoor queue. Fencing has also begun to be placed around the actual coaster area. This process will separate the theme park from the parking lot, as right now the current construction site looks as if it’s more apart of the parking lot rather then the theme park itself.

The first inversion is finally complete and dips right into the hammerhead turn, then turns right into the coasters first barrel roll. As of right now for the track that is all we can spot as it ends right after that barrel roll, but there is still plenty of track to be placed with the coaster having 2,500 feet of track in total. The whole construction site looks quite confusing at it’s current state with different pieces of support beams scattered throughout the area. Towards the end brake run of the attraction there are also support beams already being placed to prepare for the conclusion of track work.

One thing is for sure, there are many different pieces of track placed towards the back of the construction site compared to where they were previously located in a fenced off area in the actual parking lot. That fenced off area is now completely gone, there is also a huge pile of dirt placed right in the middle of the coaster. We have received a picture from an anon person of what appears to be a test train in the very far back area of the site as well. The track work will most likely be fully complete by the end of next month and then we will be able to see the rest of the area start to take shape such as the loading station and entrance to the attraction across from Journey to Atlantis inside of the theme park.

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