SeaWorld San Diego Takes Guests Behind the Scenes During their ‘Inside Look’ Event Starting this Saturday February 8th

Back by popular demand, SeaWorld San Diego kicks off their popular Inside Look event this Saturday on February 8th. During this event guests get the opportunity to get a peak behind the curtain and learn all about how SeaWorld cares for their many animals. This special event is included in general park admission and guests have the opportunity to talk with the the experts behind the care of the animals in 5 different locations throughout the park. In some cases visitors may even have the chance to go behind the scenes for an exclusive experience.

Learn all about orcas’ at the Orca Open House where you’ll be able to walkthrough the skywalk into the actual amphitheater. After walking across the skywalk guests will then be led into the fish house, here they can learn all about how the orcas’ different diets are prepared daily. To conclude the experience, they will be led to the underwater viewing area to check out these breathtaking creatures and learn all about orca enrichment, husbandry, diet and exercise. The Orca Open House is located to the left side of the park right where Orca Amphitheater is at.

Guests will get the chance to see how SeaWorld’s animal care experts and vets work to ensure world class animal care 24/7/365. In the Animal Health and Rescue Center, visitors will be able to get a glimpse at where these experts perform health examinations in the parks state of the art medical and rehabilitation facility. Lear all about the process and dedication that it takes to provides the best possible care to all or SeaWorld’s beloved animals.

We all know that cold weather penguins are very cute and loving, but the Humboltd Penguins are often overlooked when it comes to the two. The temperature climate penguin species are very unique animals and guests will be able to learn all about them at their habitat. Experts will give visitors the knowledge being the differences of these beloved animals compared to the cold weathered species. They’ll also learn all about why exactly they are so important to the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Special Survival Plan.

Typically in Dolphin Amphitheater guests are used to seeing dolphins and pilot whales cone jumping out of the water to wow everyone during ‘Dolphin Days’, well during inside look you’ll be able to learn all about the newest members of the SeaWorld family during the Pilot Whale and Dolphin Presentation. Here you can learn more about the day to day care that happens for the 3 beautiful pilot whales and 2 NEW baby dolphins at the Dolphin Amphitheater. If you love Dolphins then this is surely the presentation for you to learn stuff that you’ve never known before about these creatures.

In Sea Lion and Otter Amphitheater, SeaWorld is hosting a very special presentation! The Sea Lion Rescue Story will highlight everything guests need to know about SeaWorld’s animal rescue, rehabilitation, and return program. Here you can learn all about the second chance at life that Sea Lions and Seals are given with SeaWorld’s conservation efforts. Guests will also learn about a couple of rescued sea lions that were deemed non returnable to the wild by the National Marine Fisheries Service, who now thrive in SeaWorld’s care and serve as ambassadors for their counterparts in the wild.

Inside Look at SeaWorld San Diego begins this Saturday February 8th and runs four different weekends at the park (February 8th – 9th, 15 – 17, 23 -24, and Feb. 29 – March 1). This is an amazing event for all animal lovers looking to gain more knowledge about the conservative efforts that SeaWorld San Diego is constantly working on, and the process that goes into taking care of all these animals every single day. The event is include in general park admission and guests will be able to locate the different locations with their park maps!

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