Emperor Dive Coaster at SeaWorld San Diego BEHIND THE SCENES Look at the Current Construction Site & Progress of Spring 2020 Attraction

Yesterday morning we had the opportunity to check out the current state of SeaWorld San Diego’s newest addition to the park, ‘Emperor’ The NEW dive coaster will be feature an 143 foot drop straight down into many different inversions for a thrilling experience. When it opens Spring of this year it will be reign as the tallest, fastest, and longest dive coaster in California and the only floorless in the state.

Mike Denninger, SeaWorld’s Parks and Entertainment Senior Vice President of attractions, gave those who were invited to the tour all the details regarding Emperor. The coaster will require a 52 inches rider height requirement. The reasoning behind this decision is probably due to the fact that guests have to be able to get up to their seat and get down from it themselves due to the fact that it’s a floorless experience.

We also were the very first guests to view the Emperor trains unwrapped and in all their beauty. The trains feature a purple color for the seats and teal for the rest of the train parts. Just underneath the seats however is a small decal that has SeaWorld’s logo on it and the two flippers of an Emperor Penguin to bring together the full theme. The restraint system will feature vest restraints, which Mike states “will make for a more comfortable ride experience”. Denninger also talked about how with the seat configuration of 6 riders per row, it will give guests riding on the side seats a way more thrilling experience throughout the attraction.

We then moved our way past the loading station, underneath the lift hill, and to what SeaWorld is calling their “entry plaza” for the coaster. The plaza is very large and could probably serve as an extended queue for the ride during peak times at the park. The full queue is fairly small which is a little bit odd due to the speculate popularity of Emperor, but there are already holes in the ground for switchback purposes in case the line gets too long. The line will then lead all the way up to the loading station which we don’t know whether or not will be covered or an open air station.

Although SeaWorld San Diego has been putting up new coasters rapidly, their number one goal is to raise awareness about their conservation efforts to rescue, rehabilitate, and release these many different animals. With the Emperor Penguin being the theme of the attraction, Mike has added that there will be many different forms of graphic education through the queue that teaches guests all about the Emperor Penguin species and their conservation efforts with ‘Penguins International’ which is a conservation program that focuses on Penguin awareness and care of these special aquatic birds. The queue is completely outdoors and will also have a section where the line and exit path meet in the middle.

There will be an on ride photo that guests will be able to purchase after their experience and soon work will begin on the transition between Journey to Atlantis and this new part of the park. Emperor will begin testing in about 2-3 weeks after all the electrical work is done being worked on and B&M (the company behind the coaster) comes out to approve for trains to run on the track. Emperor will open in Spring of this year at SeaWorld San Diego!

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