[RUMOR] Disneyland to use Virtual Queue System with other Major Rides and Attractions throughout Resort with Recent Updated Mobile App Changes

Although Disneyland is currently closed for the COVID-19, that does not stop cast members from working on updates for their mobile app and new features for the park. Today a new update was released for the Disneyland Official App. Since the opening of Rise of the Resistance, Disneyland’s newest e-ticket attraction, guests have had to secure a virtual boarding group in order to experience the attraction. The tab on the app to secure these groups would say both ‘my status’ and ‘join boarding group’, but since the update it now reads ‘join boarding group’ and ‘my queues’. With this new update, what exactly could this mean for the future of stand by lines at Disneyland?

Once clicking on the “my queues” tab it takes users to another page that has a big button that states ‘join boarding group’. Once clicking on this button it directs guests to a list of rides that they can join a virtual queue for, however the only one listed at the current time is Rise of the Resistance, but surely this can’t be the only attraction that guests would be able to choose from when the park opens back up it’s gates. There would be no reasoning behind creating an extra step for guests to join the virtual queue if it was just for one attraction. The way that Disney words it on there app and has it structured seems to us like we could be getting close to the use of virtual queues for various Disneyland attractions.

This also brings up the question whether or not the boarding group system will be eliminated or not. A virtual queue is a lot different from getting a boarding group, the virtual queue system is more like a fastpass based on times available for a specific attraction rather then being assigned a group number with the potential of riding the attraction when that number is called. This also very well could be a test for ‘Web Slingers: A Spider Man Adventure’ which is set to open on July 18th when Avengers Campus opens up at California Adventure. However Disneyland did say that fastpass and maxpass would be available for that specific attraction when it opens. Would you be open to a virtual queue for different Disneyland attractions or would you like to see Disney stick to its traditional stand by lines?

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