New Retro Halloween Horror Nights Merchandise For HHN 30 is Now on Sale| What Could This Mean For This Year’s Event?

Today a surprise drop of a new line of retro HHN merchandise celebrating the 30 years of the event appeared on the universal studios online shop. To the surprise of many fans Universal selected to advertise 4 classic years of the event these being 1990 (1991 was the actual first year of Fright Nights), 1992, 1999, and 2000. Each year listed had it’s own t-shirt, socks, pin, shot glass, and poster that was available to purchase and each piece of merchandise was accompanied with the tag line for this years event, that being “30 years 30 fears”.

After the news broke of the new merchandise being available for purchase HHN fans far and wide flocked to the website to try to get a piece of this commemorative merchandise. The response from the website however had fans put into panic as shortly after it went up the website crashed because of the heavy influx of traffic. This forced fans to sit on their computers hoping to get through to the website by refreshing the page. The other option was to call Universal Orlando merchandise services directly to place an order which is what we here at SoCalExploring did.

So what does this release of HHN merchandise before the event mean for the actual event? Well, we think that this can mean a few things one definitely being better than the other. One being that the event may be getting cancelled thus causing them to sell what merchandise stock they already had made in advance. The more likely and more popular of the two options is that this was a marketing technique used by Universal to help start up hype for this years event. Which with the bogo ticket deal ending next week an announcement may be sooner than you think. But, if you would like to purchase any of this new merchandise to have to wear opening night be sure to head over to to try your hand at ordering it or go through the Universal Orlando merchandise services phone line to place an order.

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