[REVIEW] Knott’s Berry Farm Taste of Calico Food Tasting Event in Buena Park, California

This weekend we were able to experience the new limited time food tasting event at Knott’s Berry Far, ‘Taste of Calico’. There were many different food options that we got to taste and the whole experience of the complete event was great! The atmosphere mixed with being able to finally be back in the beloved town of Calico made the experience worth the trip and worth the $25 tasting card price to get in.

Knott’s biggest goal while also running this event is to ensure the health and safety of both their guests and employees. Temperature screening is set up right outside of the metal detectors and there is a queue built to ensure all guests are keeping their social distance from each other before entering the building for the temp. check. Once inside of the building there is a hand sanitizer station and also a indoor queue before reaching the actual screening. Once directed by one of the staff members, guests step up to a marker on the floor and a thermal temperature scan ensures that guests don’t have a fever of over 100.4. This process took no more then 2 seconds and was very efficient compared to the other attractions opening up in the area.

As soon as guests enter the turnstiles there are hand sanitizing locations placed everywhere making it easy to socially distance from other parties and not crowd up all at one location. There are 8 different food tasting stations and we were handed a tasting card to wear around our neck with a total of 5 tastings that we could taste from any of these 8 locations. These stations are also spread out fairly well to help with social distancing. While the lines were very long at each location all guests seemed to be following the guidelines put into play by Knotts. Those who were not following the guidelines, we heard staff members remind them to follow these rules to ensure that everyone stays safe and feels comfortable during their visit. We were really happy how all of the staff members seemed to be working hard to ensure that everyone was comfortable!

There were plenty of seating areas scattered around to enjoy our sweet and savory tastings and it was not an issue at all finding one of those areas. The first couple things that we tasted were the Boyseberry BBQ Wings, Basil Lemonade, and the Mac & Cheese Bites. All of these servings were fairly large and just from these 3 the $25 price point was already worth it. The hint of Boysenberry mixed with the wings tasted delicious and fit into the theme of Boysenberry infused creations, this was probably our favorite item of the entire event. The Mac and Cheese bites were also surprisingly great and had that creamy yet baked texture to them. However, the Basil Lemonade was something that just wasn’t our favorite, it was still refreshing none the less but it was at the bottom of our list in rankings. Although, we could see how great it would be on a hot Summer day!

Moving on to the two sweets that we tried both the Boysenberry Cookiewich and the Boysenberry Smoothie. For guests who have a sweet tooth these items are their style for sure. The Ice Cream Sandwich has Boysenberry ice cream inside of it topped with TONS of Chocolate Chips and all brought together by a Boysenberry cookie. The Boysenberry Cookie tasted so unique and mixed perfectly with the ice cream. The Boysenberry Smoothie was probably one of the most refreshing drinks that we have ever tasted, it was super sweet but had the perfect texture to it! This is definitely something we would not mind having around year long at the theme park because it was nearly a perfect drink!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Knotts festival without a little entertainment from the citizens of Calico. Above a lot of the roof tops of Calico’s buildings, citizens are entertaining guests from above and at a safe distance. This mixed with the great music, vendors, and food makes Knott’s Berry Farm Taste of Calico an absolute hit! The $25 price point was definitely worth it for the experience, unfortunately the event is now sold out but we hope that Knotts will do something like this in the future at their theme park!

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