Howl-O-Scream Planning on Going Forward as Scheduled With a Few Changes|No Houses?

Today over on the Howl-O-Scream Twitter a video was posted confirming the dates as well as the details regarding this years event. It has been confirmed that the event is still planning on going on as scheduled over at Busch Gardens Tampa from September 25th through November 1st every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. They did reveal a few of their safety guidelines for the event along with the reveal. A few of those guidelines being, limited capacity which means that they will have a reservation system in place for the event to keep track of the amount of people, and they will be requiring face coverings throughout your night at the event. The last change to the event this year being that they will not be having any houses this year due to the many issues such as not being able to remain socially distant as well as the inability to continuously clean high touch surfaces. With that being said they will have a number of scarezones scattered throughout the park.

Now following that update to the event that raised a question for many people including us here at SoCalExploring. How do you run a haunt event without any haunts? This will most likely continue to be the biggest question all the way up to the opening night of the event. Now we believe there’s a right way and wrong way to do this that would still allow the event to be successful. The first way would be they have the same quality of scarezones they normally have but just more of them or the second option is they keep the same number of scarezones and but a lot of detail and effort into them to make them as amazing as they can. Both of those options could work but the wrong way to do it would be to not change anything with the scarezones meaning same amount and quality.

The last question that needs to be answered is how will the scare actors remain socially distant through the scarezones and with little to no information given regarding that the only speculation we can give is that they will most likely be doing stage type scares or the less favorable option being scareactors have masks on at all times and still get close to you. Which is not a good thing because a mask does not make up for being socially distant. With no houses at the event to move people off the streets how crowded will the event become as well. These are all factors that need to be answered prior to the events opening night. And with Tickets starting at $30 a night you have to ask yourself is it worth going and spending the money for a smaller event.

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