[Los Angeles, CA] WonderLAnd to Bring Holiday Cheer During a Safe and Immersive Drive Thru Holiday Experience

Although we are approaching the end of the Halloween season, the creative minds behind ‘Haunt O Ween LA’ aren’t letting that stop them from bringing the fun to families in the Los Angeles area! The Holiday season is just around the corner and is sure to be different to say the least. However, families can look forward to a safe and immersive experience during the all new ‘SoCal WonderLAnd’ starting on November 30th!

Haunt O’ Ween Los Angeles 2020

This time guests won’t be traveling through a tunnel of spooky pumpkins. Instead they will be immersed in a Winter Wonderland filled with nearly 1 million dazzling lights! Some other sights and scenes that guests can expect is an elaborate musical night show, North Pole mountains, twinkling snowflake tunnel, Holiday’s around the globe, and much more! The best part about it is, Santa Claus & Mrs. Claus themselves will be handing out candy canes to all who celebrate in the Holiday cheer at WonderLAnd.

With the elaborate musical light show, WonderLAnd strives to honor all cultural traditions as guests enjoy various seasonal songs throughout the show. That spooky pumpkin tunnel will now be transformed into a 90 foot snowflake tunnel! Aside from the main tunnel, there will be plenty of other themed tunnels filled with lights forming as an arch and even a snow flurry vortex tunnel. Snow in Los Angeles is an extremely rare sight so you’re not gonna wanna miss this!

Haunt O’ Ween was an extremely popular event and the creative team has states “if you came to Haunt O’ Ween LA, you haven’t seen anything yet” hinting at the level of detail that will be produced for WonderLAnd. The event kicks off on November 30th and runs daily until December 23rd, after taking a break for Christmas Eve & Christmas Day, the event will then pick back up on December 26th and run until December 30th. Guests can enjoy the dazzling lights nightly between 5:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.! Pre-sale tickets are now available by visiting www.socalwonderland.com and are $10 cheaper then what tickets are normally priced at, act fast before they are all gone!

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