[REVIEW] SeaWorld San Diego’s 2020 Christmas Celebration Event|Socially Distant Santa Claus and More

SeaWorld San Diego officially kicked off their 2020 Christmas Celebration this past weekend and it is definitely an event that you don’t wanna miss this Holiday season. There’s plenty of new experiences this year and the best part about it is, SeaWorld knows how to bring the fun while also keeping all of their guests safe!

We attended the event on a Monday night so crowds were fairly low to the point where many times we had the complete walkways to ourselves. A couple weeks ago when we attended the Halloween Spooktacular on a Saturday, this was not the case. However, since our last visit we noticed a lot more safety precautions that were in place including queues set up outside of the park’s turnstiles and various outdoor exhibits. This definitely was a big step up for the park and we felt completely safe the entire night!

A new show apart of the Christmas Celebration this year was ‘Santa Presents: Christmas Animals from Around the World’. We weren’t sure what to expect from the show going into but I must say, it is definitely worth a watch upon your visit! Throughout the show Santa talks about many different animals that he sees during his journey across the world every year and where they are from. SeaWorld’s animal keepers then bring out some of the animals and interact with the crowd and Santa Claus in a fun and informative way. The show was a perfect example of what SeaWorld represents in showcasing the care that goes into some of the animals while also adding the theme of Holiday entertainment. This was also a perfect way for guests to still see Santa Claus in a safe socially distant way!

Throughout the park, many trees and other plants are wrapped in beautiful Christmas lights. Although this year guests aren’t able to experience ‘Rudolph’s Christmas Town’, they can still see Rudolph during the ‘Rudolph Movie Experience’ located at the Orca Encounter. In the Wild Artic area of the park stands the beautiful Christmas tree that usually sits right outside of the turnstiles. This is a perfect place to take Holiday photos in a spread out area near the tree. Also, there is a stand that sells many of the different Christmas food and beverage offerings directly across from the tree!

The Holly Jolly Marketplace has been moved inside of ‘Explorer’s Cafe’ and offers tons of Holiday merchandise, apparel, and stuffed animals that guests can purchase. In this marketplace guests can also purchase Rudolph and Friends themed products as well.

In the Sesame Street Christmas Village, guests can meet some of their favorite Sesame Street characters standing above their floats decked out in Holiday decorations! This is definitely one of our favorite experiences as you not only get to snap a memory with your favorite character, but you also get to check out some of the parade floats up close and personal! Although there is no big Sesame Street themed Christmas tree this year, the entrance to the village is dressed very nicely in smaller trees lighting up the entrance sign!

Overall, the event was a huge success and runs until January 4th, 2021. Theres is so much to see and do at this event that you wanna make sure you arrive early and aim for a day that will have substantially lower crowds to enjoy it safely. At night the entire theme park really lights up and showcases it true beauty during the Christmas time with not only all the vibrant lights, but also with the cute Holiday themed inflatables scattered throughout!

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