Avengers Campus’ “Spider Bots” to be Sold at Downtown Disney Beginning on December 4th

[Anaheim, CA] Once Avengers Campus officially opens at the Disneyland Resort in the California Adventure park, it will be the newest themed land dedicated to Marvel superheroes! The land was originally slated to open this past July at the theme park. Although it is still in question when guests will get to step foot inside, Disney will be selling an exclusive interactive toy that guests will be able to customize in Avengers Campus once it officially opens.

Peter Parker has already begun testing his newest prototype the ‘Spider Bots’, and wants to give fans an opportunity at testing one for themselves! Starting on December 4th, guests will be able to purchase one of these unique inventions at both the World of Disney Store and the Backlot Premier Shop, which are both located in the Downtown Disney District. The Worldwide Engineering Brigade is devoted to empowering the next generation of superheroes with cutting edge technologies like these ‘Spider Bots’.

The Spider Bots will be enhanced with abilities to crouch, move backward and forward, and even spin! These cutting edge products will also be able to battle it out against other Spider Bots by attacking with their laser eyes and blasting off their shields. Disney has released a teaser video showcasing some of these bots in action!

Those in attendance at the D23 Expo this year were able to get a sneak peek at the design of these products. Also, showcased at the event was a picture showing multiple different designs of the Spider Bots. For the time being guests will most likely only be able to purchase the bots themed to Spider Man himself however, when Avengers Campus eventually opens at California Adventure, different superhero designs will be available in the WEB supplies shop!

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