Everything You Need to Know About Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan and Mario Kart Interactive Ride

The Universal Studios theme parks across the world have been progressively working on one of their most ambitious projects in history. When Super Nintendo World opens at Universal Studios Japan on February 4th, 2021 it will immerse guests fully into a real life video game. Whether guests are looking for an exciting ride atop Yoshi looking from above at the beautiful Mushroom Kingdom, or they are looking to jump up and hit a real life item block, Super Nintendo World has it all!

The land looks so much like a video game that many theme park fans have taken to social media stating that the recents photos of the land looks like a piece of concept art. There is tons of animation going on within the land between coins spinning and other elements happening everywhere guests look. Although the layout of the land is relatively small, Super Nintendo World will still have plenty of things for guests to experience.

The staple attraction in the land ‘Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge’ will give fans the opportunity to race alongside Mario, Princess Peach, and other Nintendo favorites! The attraction will feature cutting edge technology using Augmented Reality to bring the entire experience to life. Guests will be given goggles designed to fit the theme of Mario Kart. The ride vehicles are all equipped with steering wheels that have an interactive button which will give guests the ability to throw turtle shells and more. The ride vehicles are super sleek and are painted different colors, however they won’t be themed to the individual Nintendo characters.

Bowser’s Castle will serve as the entrance to the attraction. The entire ride queue is filled with unique figures, props, and even some of the iconic trophy cups from the Mario Kart franchise. One of the most impressive parts of the queue is a giant statue of ‘Koopa’ or ‘Bowser’ in English, which sits in the middle of a large room after guests make their way up the stairs. The figure looks absolutely huge and the detail makes it appear as Bowser could move at any second! We were able to get a great sneak peek of some of the queue, however there is still tons more to be discovered throughout it! The ride’s height requirement is 48 inches, and 36 inches accompanied by an adult and is approximately around 5 minutes long.

Have you ever dreamed of riding atop of Yoshi one of the cutest Nintendo characters? Now you can on the Yoshi’s Adventure attraction! Hop aboard Yoshi and follow Captain Toad on a fun filled adventure. Captain Toad has forgotten his treasure map so guests need to help him find 3 colored eggs that lead the way to the glorious golden egg! This ride is perfect for the whole family to enjoy and gives guests a stunning view of the Mushroom Kingdom!

The ride system implemented is fairly similar to attractions like the Haunted Mansion at the Disney Parks, using the omni mover system. Each Yoshi can sit two guests has a 48 inch requirement, and 33 inch requirement accompanied by an adult. Yoshi’s Adventure will have limited movement but will definitely be an attraction that fits in perfectly at all the Universal theme parks.

Universal has also shared new details about the interactive elements that will be featured in the land with the new Power Up Bands! The Power Up Band Challenge will give guests different challenges through a mobile app where they will have to jump, punch, and use their entire body to collect three keys throughout the land. All leading up to an epic boss battle with Bowser Jr.! These power bands will be available for purchase at select Universal Studios Japan merchandise shops and run at a price of ¥3,200 ($30 USD).

Super Nintendo World will feature tons of fun for the entire family when it opens at Universal Studios Japan on February 4th, 2021! Different themed food and retail shops have also been built within the world so guests can snag some awesome Super Nintendo World themed memorabilia!

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