[FIRST LOOK] VelociCoaster Ride Vehicles Revealed for Universal Orlando Resort’s Jurassic World Themed Roller Coaster

[ORLANDO, FL] Universal Orlando Resort is gearing up for the opening of their brand new thrilling attraction, the ‘VelociCoaster’! Based off the Jurassic World series, guests will join Owen and his friendly yet menacing raptors on an immersive roller coaster experience like no other. The coaster has been making tons of construction progress and is set to open in Summer of 2021. Today, Universal has released a sneak peek at the ride vehicles in which guests will will board when the attraction opens!

Click here to watch the full sneak peek video!

This extreme coaster vehicle will catapult guests more then 70 mph and 150 feet in the air! The unique look is designed for speed and engineered for the hunt, making it perfect for Florida’s tallest and fastest launch coaster. The experience will also give brave riders a thrilling 12 seconds of airtime alongside their journey with the Velociraptors.

Ride vehicles are equipped with only one lap bar per seat, making this coaster even more of a thrilling experience! Especially when going up and over the “tophat” as guests gaze at the beautiful Islands of Adventure theme park! Everything about these vehicles look amazing, in some spaces it looks as if there are light blue lighting up certain areas and fitting the theme perfectly. One thing that theme park fans have already noticed is the resort’s Twitter account hinting at a potential virtual ride POV which we can see a clip of in today’s sneak peek!

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