Snow White’s Scary Adventures Re-Named ‘Snow White’s Enchanted Wish’ at Disneyland|Everything to Know About the Change

[Anaheim, CA] The Snow White attraction in Fantasyland is one of the still standing opening day attractions since Disneyland opened in 1955. This past year Disney was making progress to fully refurbish Snow White’s Scary Adventures. The new refurbishment promised to bring an array of new show scenes and other minor repairs that were needed. Today, Disney has announced that the classic dark ride will be now named ‘Snow White’s Enchanted Wish’. They have also released a sneak peek at what to expect once the attraction opens!

Snow White’s Enchanted Wish no longer features any scary aspects to it. Disney fans have taken to social media sharing their thoughts on today’s announcement. Some, completely tearing it apart, and others accepting the change and its beauty. Numerous scenes have been upgraded and changed including the very beginning of the ride. We no longer see Snow White standing on top of the stairs, we now see her in animatronic form dancing with the seven dwarfs below. There will also be an apple pie scent added to the experience while traveling through the first scene.

Dwarf’s Mine has gotten the. biggest upgrade throughout the whole attraction. Using LED lights and various projection scenes, the mine has now been illuminated a lot more with aesthetic jewels and whimsical projections! There is also a new Dopey figure sitting in a mine car filled with jewels and waving at guests as they past by. The newly upgraded scene looks a lot like the scene we see on the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train coaster at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World.

It is not known yet what the dungeon scene looks like after the refurbishment or if it is even still standing. However, from what we can see it appears as if there is not a single bit of ‘scary’ in the attraction like there once was. One scene that Disney did share when they first announced the refurbishment is one of the last that we will see on Enchanted Wish. We now have a look at how Disney executed the bringing the piece of concept art to life as we see the Prince kissing Snow White with projections playing in the background. The entire scene also illuminates complete, showcasing the LED black lighting imagineers used to create these different scenes.

Although only a few scenes were shared today, it is clear that Snow White’s Enchanted Wish is fully complete at this point and should be open once the theme park gets approval to re-open next year. Outside of the ride, all the walls and the entry way has been re-painted more elegantly and fitting to the new fairytale nature of the dark ride. It is unknown if aspects like the ride vehicles have been upgraded but we hope that there is much more we have yet to see from today’s sneak peek!

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