Stitch Themed Merchandise Collection ‘Stitch Crashes Disney’ Revealed: Stitch Crashes Beauty & the Beast at Disney Parks [January Collection]

In 2002 Disney released a couple of trailers promoting the hit Lilo & Stitch movie set to release that year. However these were not ordinary trailers, one of the films leading characters ‘Stitch’ would crash other Disney movies such as the Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Beauty & the Beast, and the Lion King. Now in 2021 Stitch crashes an all new collectible merchandise series ‘Stitch Crashes Disney’ that will be available every third Saturday of the month at Disney Stores, ShopDisney, and Disney Parks!

The collection will feature various products themed to both Stitch and whatever the select movie is for that month. Fans can select from a limited edition pin, plush, magic band, t-shirt, mug, and a pin collection book! Each monthly collection will be designed differently & for the month of January the collection will surround Beauty & the Beast.

The series will go as follow for the first 6 months:

  • January: Beauty & the Beast
  • February: Lady & the Tramp
  • March: The Lion King
  • April: The Little Mermaid
  • May: Pinocchio
  • June: Aladdin

Starting today, fans wishing to purchase either the MagicBand, plush, or pin can sign up for the Disney MerchPass on This system allows guests to reserve their products to purchase a few days later by entering. For those looking for the rest of the products, starting on January 16th guests can purchase these items at Disney Stores, Downtown Disney, and later this month at Disney Springs in Walt Disney World.

The Beauty & the Beast collection features the iconic roses and stained glass covered all over Stitch himself. The design looks super elegant and resembles the movie perfectly! MagicBands are priced at $34.99, plush at $29.99, and pins at $24.99. Each collection will also feature the ‘Stitch Crashes Disney’ logo on each product. With the success of last years ‘Minnie Mouse the Main Attraction’ merchandise collection, we are sure this one will be just as big of a hit!

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