‘Depths of Fear’ Announced for Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 2019

A brand new original maze has been announced for Halloween Horror Nights Orlando this year. The brand new maze is sure to give guests skin crawling fear as it mixes all the elements of the unknown as they discover what lies beneath and experience a countdown to disastrous fate.

Workers of an underwater mining company have dug too deep and have encountered a terrifying race of creatures. The monstrous creatures turn out to be deadly and praying for human flesh. As the miners have already been infected and are looking for more humans to take with them. All while experiencing a countdown while the pressure is building to the inevitable implosion of the facility.

The dreaded “Mouthbrooders” are slithering monsters that guests will encounter as they travel further into the depths. They will be slithering all over the mining installation as your worst nightmares come to life when these fiends spew flesh eating acidic eggs at human hosts, and you witness miners going insane as the infection slowly invades their bodies all over.

Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 2019 now has 4 mazes set for this year. Stranger Things, Universal Monsters, Nightingales: Blood Pit, and Depths of Fear. The event starts September 6th and runs until November 2nd on select nights. For more information regarding the event visit http://www.halloweenhorrornights.com .

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1 thought on “‘Depths of Fear’ Announced for Halloween Horror Nights Orlando 2019

  1. i wonder what kind of other houses are coming this year we have killer clowns from outer space or original maybe ghost busters or a original house with this years icon house of a thousand corpses or original a tooth fairy based house a yeti based haunted house or maze with other folklore mixed in to add variety of new scares a haunted house or maze set in a graveyard or cemetery involves a hide and seek game i hope this years scare zones are better than last year i like some more chainsaws along with gore and violence plus more interactive show like moments i guess central park, the Hollywood area, the place where killer clowns from outer space was last year or a different area, the new York area, and the area between despicable me and Shrek is will be used i also hope for a good central theme for the event as a whole maybe even a return of a icon to host this years event plus the return of academy of villains and maybe a secondary show.

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