[REVIEW] The Disturbance created by The Haunted Hotel 2019 in San Diego

This past week ‘The Disturbance’ created by the creative minds behind the Haunted Hotel kicked off in it’s new location directly across the Westfield Mission Valley Mall. The event features tons of new surprises and cool effects. For the longest time The Haunted Hotel frightened thousands of guests each and every Halloween season with it’s immersive experience. This year however the monsters and ghouls have been Disturbed and have moved to a brand new location that features three individual mazes. We had the opportunity to check out the new event so let’s break down all the horror that we experienced at The Disturbance.

The event is located in the corner of the Target parking lot that is apart of the Westfield Mission Valley, there is plenty of parking now and makes it a lot easier to find parking compared to the struggle of parking in downtown. Admission and V.I.P. admission ranges from $25-$40 and tickets can be purchased either at the event or online. We highly recommend purchasing tickets in advance to avoid the line at the event to buy tickets. The process is a lot quicker and easier now compared to buying your tickets downtown in the front and then having to walk all the way around the side of the building for the old attraction entrance.

After passing the ticket both there is a cool photo opportunity to the left with a couple of monsters placed in front is a white backdrop with the event logos all over it, making for an excellent way to take home a memory from the event. To the left is the biggest maze which is the Haunted Hotel and to the right is the two other mazes which are 3D Freak Fest and Kill-Billy Chaos. Our favorite from the event was the Haunted Hotel that still uses the cool elevator scene from the old haunt experience. The full maze also stays very true to the storyline with different sets like a restroom and hotel bar.

One of the biggest things that we noticed about the Disturbance was the fact that all of the scare actors that we encountered are so energetic and passionate which makes for such an amazing experience. They also all stay true to the theme of their individual mazes with the dialogue that they use to interact with guests. Kill-Billy Chaos was our second favorite which was really dark and very gory. It gave you that uncomfortable feeling that horror fans look for while going to these different haunt events.

The last one that we enjoyed was 3D Freak Fest, now in this maze they give you 3D glasses before entering into the maze as there are 150 different vibrant panels that pop while having the glasses on. This makes for a whole different haunt experience as scare actors are popping out everywhere while guests are admiring the horror themed artwork all over the walls. The scare actors makeup is also painted colorful so it looks really neat seeing both the combination of their costumes and makeup with the glasses on. Beware , you may get lost in this maze and encounter some terrifying clowns, we won’t give any spoilers away though.

The Disturbance has a great atmosphere to the event and has such good potential in it’s new location. We truly believe that once the event works out all of it’s kinks and gets passed the first year, the event will just keep growing and growing. Overall, it’s such a good haunt experience and really fun if you’re looking for something to do in the San Diego area for the Halloween season. For more information and tickets visit SanDiegoHaunts.com!

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