SeaWorld Entertainment Delays All New Attraction Openings Planned for 2020 until 2021 – Emperor, Ice Breaker, Iron Gwazi and More

Today news source Tampa Bay 10 reported on the announcement from SeaWorld Entertainment regarding the future of its in progress attractions at all its parks including Iron Gwazi over in Busch Gardens Tampa. The announcement came as no shock to anyone as it seemed like the only course of action due to the already delayed construction of many of the upcoming attractions. The original opening dates for all ride and attractions set to open this year in 2020 has been announced that they will be pushed back to a yet announced date in 2021.

The rides involved in this delay along with Iron Gwazi are The Emperor in San Diego, Ice Breaker in Orlando, and Pantheon in Williamsburg. Most of the construction delays are due to the on going pandemic so the year long delay seems to be the right move to avoid over crowding of the parks in our current situation. Along with the pandemic all of the parks did take a large financial hit due to the closures which didn’t help with the financial side of the construction. But, with that being said we will eventually get to ride all these coasters and hopefully when we do it will be in a much better and safer environment.

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